Technics is releasing a new SL1200 for DJs

Yoga Frog was on Q-Bert’s Facebook Live and premiered a Technics film production they made on a recent Technics retreat which was awesome but the big news I think everyone probably wants to hear is the Technics is going to put a new SL1200 out for DJs that sounds like it will be at a lower price point than the recent 1200s re-released for audiophiles.

YouTube Link

They seem to be playing the same Live video on loop on the page right now as it has looped at least 4 times since I started writing this post. But this is great news for DJs as the SL1200 is the original DJ instrument that has stood the test of time! To have it coming back to the market is great news.

UI differences in Serato DJ Pro 2.0 vs Serato DJ 1.9.10 in gifs

I made these gifs to show the UI differences from Serato DJ 1.9 to Serato DJ Pro 2.0. As you can see the spacing and padding around all of the text in your library has increased giving everything a bit more room to breath. The new cuepoint layout is also much nicer in my opinion and everything seems to stand out more

The Exit Serato page is no longer tiny as well so it is very clear that you are exiting out of the program. this is great for everyone, especially those with bad eyesight. They also removed the Master Volume, Midi, Help, Setup, Battery, CPU meter and Clock from this screen as well which really didn’t belong there in the first place since you wouldn’t be using any of them on the exit screen anyway, except for maybe the clock.

Click on each gif to open to full size.

Run Serato DJ 1.9.x and Serato DJ 2.0 aka Serato DJ Pro on the same computer

Rename Serato DJ to Something else to run the old version alongside Serato DJ Pro
Renaming Serato will allow you to install Serato DJ Pro alongside the old version.

If you would like to test drive Serato DJ Pro while not losing the ability to still run the Serato DJ version you are currently using you can rename the app in order to avoid Serato DJ Pro from overwriting your current stable version of Serato that you are running.

In the video below it shows how installing Serato DJ Pro will overwrite your current version of Serato DJ unless you rename the application from “Serato” to “Serato DJ”* on your Mac. This example is on Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6)

*You can rename the app whatever you would like however it is best to rename it as whatever version number that particular installation is.

When was the last time you backed up your computer?

Use SuperDuper! to make a bootable backup of your Mac!
Use SuperDuper! to make a bootable backup of your Mac!

Serato DJ Pro was released yesterday and a lot of DJs downloaded it and upgraded as quickly as possible but when was the last time they updated their bootable backup of their computer? I’d take a guess that a LOT of people updated without running a backup.

I use SuperDuper! to create a backup since I use a Mac for my main computer. It was a no-brainer to purchase this $27.95 program to easily help me keep my backup up to date regularly with ease. If for any reason my computer died I could use this bootable backup hard drive from different Mac and boot directly from it to run my system set up and get by until I could repair or replace my computer.

You can also restore from the bootable backup hard drive to your machine or a new machine to get yourself back up and running if you needed to in the event of a system crash or you need to purchase a new computer for any reason.

If you aren’t running backups regularly one way or another, please look into it today. You don’t want to be that DJ who experiences a system failure and somehow loses all of their music and other files.

And don’t think just because you have all of your music on an external drive that it is any safer than running it from an internal drive. You still want to have a backup drive for that external drive. Basically if you don’t have your files in AT LEAST two places you run the risk of losing all of your music! You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

My First DJ EDIT – OOOUUU vs Unforgettable

Last week I made my first Edit Available for Download. It’s Young M.A.’s OOOUUU over French Montana’s Unforgettable. I wanted a more up tempo version of OOOUUU to play and I love the 100ish BPM range so there you have it.

I’ve made clean, dirty, short, and intro/outro versions for whatever situation you might want to drop this in. Check it out on the Edits page and bump it at your next set. If you end up playing it at a party, I’d love to hear how it went over with the crowd.



The International DJ Cafe 7 Year Anniversary THIS SUNDAY!

I’m honored to be sharing a stage this Sunday with a group of amazing DJ’s & artists! The commercial, flyer,  and details are below or on Facebook!

The International DJ Cafe 7 Year Anniversary is this Sunday at Nu Millennium Studios. 525 Mildred Ave. Clifton Heights, PA 19018.

Come Party With Some Of The Hottest Djs From New York, New Jersey, Pa, Delaware, And Baltimore! It’s A Party Yall!

26 Djs Hitting The Big Stage!

Also Performing Live!! Some Of The Hottest Spitters!!
Mad Squablz!! Gran Centennial!! And Dell P!!

Hosted By The 1 And Only Aul Purpis!

Also Witness Our Signature Cypher Room Where The Dj’s Show Off Some Of The Craziest Scratch Patterns In The Dj Cafe Cypher Room!!

January 28th!! Doors Open At 4pm Show starts at 5pm Sharp!

$15 Cover Charge.

This Is One You Don’t Want To Miss!!!

Location: Nu Millennium Studios

Host: Aul Purpis

House DJ: DJ Craig NM

Performances by: Dell-P, Mad Squablz, Gran Centennial

DJ Showcases by: DJ Fatcat, DJ Cutlas, DJ Curt, DJ Kidd Disco, DJ K Swift, DJ Peer Pressure, DJ Dommis, DJ Dior Cartel, DJ Uncle AL, DJ Neeek Nyce, DJ Mannie Frecks, DJ BP, DJ Harley Beretta, DJ haveboard, DJ Big Mark, DJ Midi Beatz, DJ Papo, DJ Shady Glass, DJ Rebel Foster, DJ Fantom, DJ Flex It, DJ Cuzo, DJ Philly Black

And Birthday Celebrations for: DJ Jayrock, DJ Groove, DJ Tru B Boy, DJ Milly Mill, DJ LB

This Sunday!
I’m just one of many great DJ’s performing this Sunday at Nu Millennium Studios!