Custom Back to the Future haveboard shirts for DJ EXPO

I went to the DJ EXPO last week one day and had a small personal run of some custom geologically haveboard X back to the future shirts made for the occasion.

I got to meet and hang out with a whole lot of rad people/DJs while I was there and had an amazing time. I’ve also got an event coming up soon to announce for Evil Genius that I’ll be doing with Harley Beretta as well as another announcement about something I’ve been working on that all my DJ homies should be into so stay tuned!

I submitted an entry to be in another DJ battle

So I found out on Friday that there is another 3style type battle happening on September 2nd at Aztec in Seaside, NJ so I whipped up a late submission that I’m hoping they accept it, even though the entries were due on Friday. The submission didn’t need to include 3 genres but the actual battle will. That’s really all I know about the battle so far.

Check out my submission and let me know what you think.