UI differences in Serato DJ Pro 2.0 vs Serato DJ 1.9.10 in gifs

I made these gifs to show the UI differences from Serato DJ 1.9 to Serato DJ Pro 2.0. As you can see the spacing and padding around all of the text in your library has increased giving everything a bit more room to breath. The new cuepoint layout is also much nicer in my opinion and everything seems to stand out more

The Exit Serato page is no longer tiny as well so it is very clear that you are exiting out of the program. this is great for everyone, especially those with bad eyesight. They also removed the Master Volume, Midi, Help, Setup, Battery, CPU meter and Clock from this screen as well which really didn’t belong there in the first place since you wouldn’t be using any of them on the exit screen anyway, except for maybe the clock.

Click on each gif to open to full size.

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