Custom Back to the Future haveboard shirts for DJ EXPO

I went to the DJ EXPO last week one day and had a small personal run of some custom haveboard X back to the future shirts made for the occasion.

I got to meet and hang out with a whole lot of rad people/DJs while I was there and had an amazing time. I’ve also got an event coming up soon to announce for Evil Genius that I’ll be doing with Harley Beretta as well as another announcement about something I’ve been working on that all my DJ homies should be into so stay tuned!

DJ TLM on the FaceBook Music Deals

If you are not following DJ TLM you are missing out. This guy really knows his stuff and explains how it is from an extremely practical perspective. Here is a clip from his podcast where he discusses Facebook’s deal with WMG. For all of you DJs out there going live and getting put in “Facebook jail” for your Live streams, you may want to tune in.


Serato Custom MIDI Map for User Modes of the Pioneer DJM-S9 Demo Video

Here is the video which walks through installing and demo-ing the custom midi file I created recently for the S9. You can read about it and download it on my previous post.

This mapping somewhat mimics the split pad modes that you can get with the new Rane 72 mixer.

Beat By King Honey & “HaveBoard” Drop courtesy of @ManDurphy.

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