Phase Demo: Phase, DVS, & Vinyl

I shot this setup demo for Phase shortly after I received the device but didn’t get around to finishing the edit until earlier this week. In it I demo setting up Phase alongside your DVS on a Rane 62 and show the ability to easily switch between DVS, Phase, and Vinyl.

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  1. I have a question I connected my phase to my pioneer DJSM9 but when I load song to play it loads but track doesn’t play while my record is spinning. I am using serato and the phase is synchronized cause it’s not blinking it’s a steady LED light. Can you pls assist me with this issue is it something I have to set serato to in settings? They say that it’s suppose to be in relative mode I did that but still not working. I switch it to CDJ in settings as well from turntable still not working.. pls if you can help

    1. @nazir You might be better off posting photos and details in one of the Phase facebook groups because it sounds like you are missing something in the process on getting set up.

      S9 knobs should be set to whatever USB you are plugged into, Phase should be plugged into line via RCAs and the USB needs to be getting power either from a wall charger or USB port, and then the deck settings under audio need to be changed.

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