DJ TLM on the FaceBook Music Deals

If you are not following DJ TLM you are missing out. This guy really knows his stuff and explains how it is from an extremely practical perspective. Here is a clip from his podcast where he discusses Facebook’s deal with WMG. For all of you DJs out there going live and getting put in “Facebook jail” for your Live streams, you may want to tune in.


Serato Custom MIDI Map for User Modes of the Pioneer DJM-S9 Demo Video

Here is the video which walks through installing and demo-ing the custom midi file I created recently for the S9. You can read about it and download it on my previous post.

This mapping somewhat mimics the split pad modes that you can get with the new Rane 72 mixer.

Beat By King Honey & “HaveBoard” Drop courtesy of @ManDurphy.

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Serato Custom MIDI User Modes for the Pioneer DJM-S9 [Download]

buy priligy australia updated April 10th, 2018 current version 1.0.1

I created 4 separate User Modes for the Pioneer S9 to work with Serato DJ to provide additional functionality. Out of the box, the S9 does not let you separate the samples from the cue points like the Rane 72 has that is about to drop. This MIDI Mapping  will add pad modes to offer both cues and samples together.

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Technics is releasing a new SL1200 for DJs

Yoga Frog was on Q-Bert’s Facebook Live and premiered a Technics film production they made on a recent Technics retreat which was awesome but the big news I think everyone probably wants to hear is the Technics is going to put a new SL1200 out for DJs that sounds like it will be at a lower price point than the recent 1200s re-released for audiophiles.

YouTube Link

They seem to be playing the same Live video on loop on the page right now as it has looped at least 4 times since I started writing this post. But this is great news for DJs as the SL1200 is the original DJ instrument that has stood the test of time! To have it coming back to the market is great news.