Faurecia Quality Assurance Agreement

Our core competencies lie in analyzing performance gaps and protecting the maturity of parts purchased and oriented in the project and start-up phase, as well as in quality management of SAS and serial parts suppliers. 8 Panel management A supplier is included in the list of suppliers with a panel status, if it has presented Faurecia`s business criteria (financial capacity, expertise, foot pressure, quality assessment and environmental assessment), submitted a supplier profile and signed the following documents: – Terms and Conditions of Purchase – Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA) – Confidentiality Agreement (at Faurecia`s request) – Respect for supplier expertise – EPERT An experienced supplier works with Faurecia to define functional specifications, propose solutions and participate in design. It is self-reliant and responsible for its processes and designs; Complete subsets are managed and designed. – DESIGNER A designer supplier designs parts based on functional specifications Faurecia, designs complex parts with a responsibility for design and process. – FABRICANT A manufacturer is responsible for its own production processes. Faurecia is responsible for the design (detailed specifications). – SUBCONTRACTOR A subcontractor is considered an extension of faurecia manufacturing. It is responsible for meeting Faurecia specifications through its process and manufactures parts according to the definition file. Panel Status P – Panel I – Intermediate Step / Review H – On Deduction System E – Eliminer Pr – Prospectus Full Certified Supplier for Development and Production. In this status, only Class A providers can be considered.

All criteria are consistent with our policy. In the list of suppliers, but not yet evaluated or not because other criteria are not met (finance, development) – Suppliers mandated No advice for new development. Production orders are managed. It is an unacceptable supplier. To be excluded from the list of suppliers Supplier who has successfully completed a first screening (under the market screening procedure) and who can receive an RFI/RFQ non-response premium that is possible under this status FAURECIA_SUPPLIER_REQUIREMENTS_MANUAL_FAU-C-SPG-4030-FR-6b page 8 out of 39, affecting international markets that affect the supply and demand of necessary products? What is the ideal profile for a specialist service provider? How far should Faurecia be prepared to negotiate to ensure a timely supply at an advantageous price, while ensuring that our absolute quality and safety requirements are met? 12 7 Master Schedule 8 Feasibility Commitment Capacity 1 Cost productivity Ability to plan job descriptions and milestones to create a product that meets program objectives. The supplier must establish a master`s schedule based on Faurecia and the final customers steps for: Preparing production process planning; Preparation of facilities and subcontracting equipment; Selection; Quality standards and measurement instruments (control plan, standards and work instructions, Limit model, early containment) Packaging and transport training Trials Manufacturing support systems (handling, order, poka-joch, advancement of the Deign tool, Maching Assembly Try out Tuning Tool ready OK for graining As part of its offer, the supplier must confirm and prove that the product can be manufactured according to quality, planning and cost requirements, with proof of its ability to follow objectives (estimates, performance of experience, feedback on similar products).