Cccu Collective Agreement

In Wisconsin, the legislation, which restricts unions, was followed by what many have called the legislative “deregulation” of tenure protection for faculty members in public institutions. Ohio public faculty members rejected lawmakers` attempt to effectively end collective bargaining for most faculty in 2015, in part through partnerships with other state unions. The Iowa Faculties Union has adopted a similar strategy. The Waterfront and Allied Workers Union (WAWU) has signed a new three-year collective agreement with central Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (CCCUL) which, in addition to a wage increase, will bring new benefits to the institution`s employees. The possibility and the framework conditions for effective cooperation exist and I hope that we can improve the current mutual problems for the good of the university. The alternative will be individual and collective complaints that challenge the university and TA and their implementation. Iowa lawmakers are insisting that legislation be passed to severely limit collective bargaining by higher education workers. He said that, in cases where this happens, the new agreement provided that the displaced person would receive a certain amount of money per month because he or she was displaced from his or her normal employment. Your survey responses will help us understand your thoughts about returning to campus and any concerns about this transition, and hear about positive experiences of returning to campus that are maintained, shared, or that we could all learn from. Your answers will help the university provide the support you need for a safe and healthy return to work on campus and help us learn from our collective experience. Please check the UCU CCCU website ( and participate in branch meetings and participate and/or send to Mir ( or Antonio Sama Branch Secretary ( Comments, opinions etc. “Iowa Republicans have launched a vast Wisconsin-style attack on public sector unions and public education,” union leaders said in a memo to members. “These laws would kill collective bargaining and unions in Iowa.” “Republicans said they would only optimize a few things in collective bargaining legislation, but that`s not an optimization – they introduced a bill that was nearly 70 pages long and completely seeded it,” said Joe Gorton, associate professor of criminology at the University of Northern Iowa and president of the faculty union for a long time.

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